Classic Film Femme


Some films are meant to be watched in the winter. Dr. Zhivago is one of these. Right now I’m intrigued by all things Russian (more on this in future posts) and I think finally watching this film tripped something off in me. The sets in this movie are stunning but especially the “ice palace” where Dr. Zhivago and his love hide away from the world and listen to the sounds of the wolves howling in the night. Delicious. There’s a reason this film is considered epic. As ever, Julie Christie is   enchanting and unlike a Tolstoy novel where you sympathize with no one – in this film you find yourself cherishing each character despite their often violent actions. Violence you ask? During the Russian revolution? Pah!

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4 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Hurray! Classic Film Femme is back in full force!
    You’re making me discover classics. Thank you. What a shame that I have never seen Dr.Zhivago. It is now added on my list.
    Question: Is Turner Classic Movies a tv channel?

    • We are back! Thank you for being such a loyal reader! The TCM channel is responsible for introducing me to all these great films. It’s now available via Videotron but you can also watch snippets of the films on their website.

  2. Ooo the set is so eerily beautiful!

    • Oh you must have the music and the sound of the wolves to get the full effect! Thank you for your advice on all things blogging! Adorn Inc is an inspiration.

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