Classic Film Femme

The Femme


I once watched an interview wherein a woman was quoted as saying that the late Elwy Yost, host of Saturday Night at the Movies,  had been her date for more Saturday nights than she cared to remember.  For shame Elwy! I didn’t realize you were two timing me! This blog is my attempt at reviewing classic films with the eyes of a third wave feminist. The films are selected according to my whim or, on occasion, when I know a really good old one is going to be appearing on a Saturday night popcorn date night.


4 thoughts on “The Femme

  1. I think you should try catching Mark Robson’s “My Foolish Heart”, starring Susan Hayward and Dana Andrews, on TV (it doesn’t exist on DVD), in order to review it from a feminist point of view. I rediscovered it last month and wrote a long, illustrated piece about it on my blog, having found it MUCH better than the so-called “weepie” it’s reputed to be. In fact it’s a very astute adaptation of Salinger’s short story “Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut” and an equally clever, and rather subversive, comment on women’s condition during WW2 and in the repressive early fifties.

  2. Creative blog! Any Hitchcock is a winner in my books.

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