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TCM + PVR = Heaven

My cable provider got Turner Classic Movies. I may never see anyone ever again. Since getting it I’ve watched a whole whack of movies I would probably never have seen otherwise including The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. Have you heard of the “Angry Young Men” film genre? This genre seems to have been based on the literary movement capturing the disillusionment of young men with their broken lives post-WWII.  Such stories were put into film during the 60’s in part as a form of protest against the Vietnam war. I wonder what Angry Young Women film will look like when we finally get pissed off enough?

In the meantime, as a tribute to my own “angry young man” here is the Iron Maiden version of this story in heavy metal form.

Quotable quote: “Hey, Col, what’s the first thing you’d do if you won 75000 quid? – Count it.”

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3 thoughts on “TCM + PVR = Heaven

  1. I think the angry young men work at my office.

  2. It’s no wonder you’ve taken up long distance running then, Simon! — honestly think you would like this film. Highly recommend it. Thanks for your loyalty to my blog despite the gaps.

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