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Watching obscure intellectual movies is always more interesting with my guy. I’ll be working through the meanings, symbols and connections forever while he seems to just “get it” no matter how bizarre the film is. Take for example 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Yack: Oh. What’s this movie about?

Bec: I think it’s about evolution.

Yack:  So the monolith directs the evolutionary process?

Bec: Er….

Yack:  These ape costumes are terrible.

Bec: Wait. What’s a monolith?

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5 thoughts on “Monolith

  1. what is a monolith?

  2. Obscure intellectual movies scare me more than down right horror movies. So when he tells you what a monolith is..please fill us in.

  3. Thank god I’m not alone! A monolith is a large single upright block of stone.

  4. Ah yes… of course!

  5. Haha!

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