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Trailer Tuesday

I hate it when a trailer is superior to the film itself. You get all excited about it. You knock elbows with the person next to you in the theater so much as if to say, “We’re going to see that film no matter what!!” And then you do go… and you feel ripped off. At least, that’s how I felt about  The Haunting.

The Haunting is about a group of experts chosen to examine the supernatural energies manifested at Hill House. The heart of the house appears to be the nursery. The room’s inhabitant had been a child here but as she grew to become a woman she stayed on. In fact she stayed so long that she grew old in the nursery and becoming incapacitated hired a nursemaid. One night, the nursemaid neglects her duties and cannot hear any of her charge’s calls for help. Presumably stricken with guilt at the death of her patient, the nursemaid hangs herself from a spiral staircase in the solarium. Sounds like this should be grounds for a really spooky haunted house film right? Wrong. Don’t bother renting this but do watch the trailer – at least it rocks!

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