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Brenda and Bunny

If you haven’t watched Six Feet Under, you are missing HBO’s most spectacular series. If you have watched Six Feet Under – you could totally watch it again and catch all sorts of nuances and references that you missed the first time around. This is exactly what I did and was uber-excited to notice that in Season 1, Episode 12 Brenda (the season’s most mysterious character) is watching a classic film that plays in the background. The film is Bunny Lake is Missing. At the time, I remembered that it was a great movie but I couldn’t figure out whether or not it was a random reference on the part the series so of course, I watched Bunny again. Sure enough – the reference to this classic mystery is absolutely not accidental. In fact, it provides deeper insight into Brenda’s character and her relationships. Dontcha just love when a director caters to intelligent viewers? As opposed to, say, Jersey Shore’s audience…

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5 thoughts on “Brenda and Bunny

  1. You are so observant CFF!
    Another film to add to my list and to notice its relation to Brenda.

  2. Thanks Pieds nus! Yes. It’s a worthwhile watch for sure. Hopefully can send these selections to you quickly!

  3. Zip is over. Now it’s Netflix.

  4. Ah! Much of a classic film selection?

  5. Ooooo cool! Must rewatch SFU. So so good.

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