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Trailer Tuesday

Whatever else he may be, Humphrey Bogart is not gangster. Is he hard-boiled detective ? hells ya.  Disillusioned soldier?  i’m in.  But mob leader? Ummmm…  I don’t know.

I watched High Sierra recently and I’m still trying to get it. I think the director wanted to paint a sympathetic portrait of a gangster figure but Bogart plays it as a softy who’s got waaaay too much time for women. Remember, real gangsters don’t have time for women unless they’re shoving a grapefruit in their face (see my post on Public Enemy for a refresher).

Now. Edward G. Robinson absolutely owns the title of ultimate gangster who still wins my sympathy which is why I was so shocked to see detective novelist W.R. Burnett’s quotation in today’s trailer for the film that made Bogart a star. “This is a finer picture than Little Caesar and I wrote both.”  Seriously?? I think ab-so-lut-ly not … and I watched both. But, listen,  judge for yourself since this movie is a great way to spend an evening with a big bowl of popcorn while the freezing rain glints on the windowpane.

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4 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesday

  1. Yah. Humph is not a gangster at all. You’re totally right.

  2. But you have to admit, he tried hard, with that “I’m givin’ ya a chance to blow….”.
    Love these old movies, they just make you laugh and cry in the same breath. Loving this blog, Bec.

  3. Ahahahaah! You see.. and this is where I get my dirty sense of humour from folks – the mama! Now… where do I find classic porn from the 30’s for more of these shenanigans?

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