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Merchant Ivory Weekend

It’s freezing cold out there. Yes, it feels like it could be a Merchant Ivory kinda weekend. You know the kind. Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, brew tea and watch a period piece on Friday night (Maurice), Saturday afternoon (Remains of the Day) and Sunday morning (A Room with a View). Other option: take some time to sit down and finally read an E.M. Forster novel like Howard’s End.

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4 thoughts on “Merchant Ivory Weekend

  1. Ooooo that would be divine! Although I wasn’t all that impressed by Remains of the Day. Something about Emma Thompson annoys me. But I’d love to see A Room with a View!

    • Try her in Howard’s End – you might prefer her performance. Then again, if you’re not a Thompson fan… you’re not a Thompson fan.

  2. You should have invited me over on Sunday morning! 😉

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