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Trailer Tuesday

How I love a good thriller and I’ve always thought Gaslight is one of the best. Here’s the scene. A young girl, Paula, lives with her operatic aunt in a beautiful house on a square. One night her aunt is terrifyingly murdered and Paula finds her dead in front of the fire place in the parlour. Driven from the house by horror and necessity she moves to Europe to find a new life and finds instead a new love. To prove her strength to her new husband, Paula decides to return to live as a newlywed in the house she had fled in fear.  Lights begin to flicker and she can hear noises in the attic. Is she going mad?

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5 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesday

  1. This looks good!

  2. I must see this!!

  3. Have film. Can lend!

  4. A must see again. Thank you for bringing me back, 12 year old racing home from school to see the “old” flicks. Wonderful!

  5. True! It’s always fun to watch a movie you watched as a kid when you’re an adult. Whole new perspective…

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