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Can’t Stand Stanwyck

Sometimes you can’t put your finger on why a certain actor doesn’t resonate with a certain viewer. I just can’t seem to explain myself properly when I tell you that I just don’t get Barbara Stanwyck. Her aloof confidence which so many men swooned over in the 40s just doesn’t sit well with me. It comes off more as snobbery and an inability to delivery her lines with sincerity. It’s asthough you can’t see the actual character she’s playing because she’s too busy acting out the Hollywood character that is Barbara Stanwyck all the time…. then again maybe it’s just the bangs. Finally,  I’ve got to ask this important question: why does her mouth have to be open every time she shoots a kissing scene? No seriously. She looks like she’s biting her leading men. Do any of these look like comfortable kisses to you?

But, listen if you’ve got to watch a Stanwyck film – I’m going to recommend either Double Indemnity or The Strange Love of Martha Ivers since you’d hate to miss such a quintessential film noir or Kirk Douglas’ first on-screen performance.

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4 thoughts on “Can’t Stand Stanwyck

  1. Ha ha! She does look like she’s biting them! The old kisses of Hollywood were so weird. Very Victor Newman from Y&R. Also, I think her bangs are terrible. Or at least offputting.

  2. Must run in the jeans/overalls….never liked Stanwyck. But I guess someone did, go figure.

  3. Great post! So funny, my husband cannot stand her either, but I love her. She’s completely original – there weren’t many strong women in films back then and she dominated the opposite sex in the strangest way all the way into the 70s! Remember, she was in Big Valley! LOL

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