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View Halloo!

There is nothing like re-viewing your childhood through the eyes of your child. I was very excited to turn on the TV and find Mary Poppins playing recently. To my mind, this film is the height of Disney magic.

There is also nothing like discovering that your child has absolutely no interest in watching a film that you are using them as an excuse to watch. I spent much of a recent weekend watching Mary Poppins basically alone and somewhat shamefacedly. However, Althea did very much enjoy the animated bits of the film and Yack and I both found ourselves laughing at the fox hunt.

This film is a beautiful example of the evolution of the integration of animation and human motion that is now expressing itself in new forms for classic characters like Beowulf and Gollum.

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2 thoughts on “View Halloo!

  1. Do you think it’s time to break out the Emperor’s New Groove or Beauty and the Beast since Althea enjoys the illustrated stuff? šŸ™‚

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