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Mentioning Mae

About a week ago I was at breakfast catching up on my local newspaper and sipping coffee solo before my doc’s appointment and I couldn’t help but overhear two older men discussing Mae West at the table next to me. It was obvious these guys get together regularly to chat about all and sundry topics like this. A funny little duo really – one a bit of a ‘steal the show; monopolize the conversation’ kinda guy and the other kinda content to fuel his fire with ideas and to shush the other now and then when he got too passionate about his subject matter.

One such subject was Mae West and the issue of how it is that she was never really “sexy” in their eyes but highly “sexual.” This common feminist dilemma of having power over our own sexuality without being exploited by men or, in the case of Hollywood, the studios… was actually being discussed casually by two guys next to me having eggs one Monday morning! Waaaaahoooo! I never, ever get to hear this kind of chat and must be honest when I tell you that I eavesdropped on the whole thing.

Finally, it was more than I could bear and I busted in on their conversation peppering them with questions about Mae West and which of her movies are best to watch and where did they watch them when they were young? They were very indulgent and happy to point me to their favs.

Steal the Show Guy Pick:  I’m No Angel

Sushing the Other Guy Pick: My Little Chicadee

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2 thoughts on “Mentioning Mae

  1. What a fabulously odd conversation! You definitely were at the right place, at the right time. Have you considered going back to that restaurant at the same day & time, to eavesdrop again?
    Where were those cinemas located in Ottawa?

  2. I absolutely should go back there – hmm… may have to rebook my Wednesday eye appointment for next Monday instead…
    To answer your question – The Avalon was in the Glebe but I’m honestly not sure where the Capitol was located. Would be interesting to find out. Wonder if the city archives would have that kind of record?

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