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I’ve been craving a lot of grapefruit throughout my pregnancy. It’s a tough fruit to eat with dignity and grace and every time I eat one I’m reminded of this scene from The Public Enemy with James Cagney.

Yep. If you’re a gangster’s woman you can expect either a grapefruit or a door closed in the face (à la Godfather) or… gulp… worse.  The Gangster genre does not allow much place for women since they are usually considered a weakness or distraction that ought never to interfere in the world of  “business.”  Bonnie and Clyde and White Heat are notable exceptions to this rule.

In White Heat, the question of whether Cody’s mother (Ma Jared) is the real gang leader is food for thought and not in a grapefruity kinda way.

Moreover, the strained relationship between Ma Jared and Cody’s girl is great fun to watch.

No wonder this film is on the TCM “Essentials” list. Ultimately, Jared’s scheming wife exploits his obsession with his mother to bring him to his final downfall. Hmm… who’s on top of the world now?

Quotable quote (big surprise): “I’m on top of the world, Ma!”

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6 thoughts on “Grapefruit

  1. I really like Bonnie.
    And yes, grapefruits are tasty!

  2. You must need vit c! I craved oranges like crazy. Bonnie & clyde so iconic!

    • I do crave a ton of other citrus too. You’re right – I must just need it. I literally cried one day when we forgot OJ at the grocery store. Hubby ran out to get some. (A fine man). Will have to watch B&C again. It’s been too long..

  3. ok. i wrote my comment before watching the THe Public Enemy clip. Now I feel a bit foolish about my grapfruit comment…

    • But grapefruits are yummy!! Wanted to post that clip to show how difficult those fruits are to eat at the best (and worst) of times…

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