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Don’ always seem to go?

Valentine’s day can be a complete misery for even the most stoic of single women.  I know; I’ve been there. It’s only retrospectively that anybody can realize how truly golden some of those days spent alone were.

On the other hand,  I just spoke to a couple recently who actually scoffed at me when I asked how they were going to celebrate V day. Do you know that they don’t even intend to raise a glass of wine together or present the other with a token box of chocolates anymore -as in.. never… ever… again? Now call me a romantic fool but that idea is lonelier to me than all the Valentine’s days spent alone and all my reclusive Saturday nights reclining on the couch mashed right up together in a solitary sister stew.

So it’s these kinds of thoughts that’ve made me one of those obstinate people who go about with “Carpe Diem” on their lips all the damned time … and then I watched On the Beach. And I thought about it for a bit. What if you really, actually only have one day, or even one month to carpe? Would it even be  possible to focus on the diem? And let’s say you are a single woman when all this is going down? How can you reconcile yourself to die knowing that you’ve not yet found your “soul mate?” Huh?

But this film throws even that disturbing concept on it’s head too and makes you ask yourself if it would be better to have finally found him – maybe even just had his baby – only to find out you’ve got to give it all up? Could you even enjoy your last moments together as a family? Why did you ever bother?

I’m even exhausted writing this entry …  this is a great film but don’t watch it without that box of chocolates and especially the glass of wine.

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3 thoughts on “Don’ always seem to go?

  1. I guess you’re aware that Valentine’s day is not celebrated everywhere. It’s seems pretty cheap to me to celebrate love and affection between intimate companions only once a year and especially on an American holiday that is considered one of the Hallmark holidays. By the way, what has a Saint (Valentine) got to do with today’s celebration?
    Nothing against “romantic fools” but Valentine’s day? Please …

  2. I apologize for the rant and rave. Stupid reaction. Was probably “under the influence”…
    I just do not like that movie. I suggest to choose a mythical couple – Elisabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift (f. ex.) – in “A Place in the Sun” to represent Valentine’s Day.


    • “Place in the Sun” always left me with a weird, haunted feeling even more so than “On the Beach” – which is strange since Beach is SciFi. Oh and feel free to rant away – lord knows I do!

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