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Two Humans

As if it wasn’t bad enough – your husband’s banging a flapper from the city while you’re serving a roast made for two to you and you alone – now the bitch has gone and convinced him to drown you in the river!

This is the basic premise of “Sunrise, a Song of Two Humans.” It’s an absolutely hopeless scenario tempered by wonderfully composed “could-only-be-directed-by-a-German” camera shots and a magical “could-only-be-funded-by-a-Hollywood-studio” set.  I love this film.

And it’s so much more than the basic premise. It’s lovely. No wonder it’s been called the Citizen Kane of silent films. I was forcing myself through silents until this film. This one was just different and poetic.

I have very distinct fears about marriage and having just gotten engaged the idea of two humans whose marriage has hit rock bottom is most terrifying. But this film gives me hope that even on the darkest night in the lives of two humans there is always the promise of sunrise.

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2 thoughts on “Two Humans

  1. Very pleased to discover your site.
    I used to go to the “Musée du Cinéma” in Brussels, for years, to watch silent movies with musical accompaniment (piano mostly).
    Wondeful times.

  2. Wonderful to hear from you! We have some older theaters here in Ottawa and nearby small towns which were definitely initially built to accommodate musical accompaniment – but there just doesn’t seem to be the demand to show silents anymore. Such a shame. My first silent in a theater was “La Belle et la Bête” – extraordinary!

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