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Dancing Chic to Cheeky

Ginger Rogers’ fabulous feathered gown complements Astaire’s cheeky character in the over the top Top Hat. As is usually the case with musical comedies, the couple falls in love despite themselves, the plot is tenuous and maddening at best and the sets (in this case Venice, Italy) are but skeletal frames for, what else, the dancing! Emotions exchanged by the tap of toes across the floor and the tenderness with which Fred pulls Ginger out of a triumphant dip are reason enough to watch this film. The dialogue is snippy and waltzes through the screenplay in a way which made me laugh in spite of myself.

Quotable quote:

“You mean to sit there and tell me that that girl slapped your face in front of all those people for nothing?”

“What would you have done? Sold tickets?”

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One thought on “Dancing Chic to Cheeky

  1. apriloverall on said:

    I have a friend who thinks Fred Astaire is the hottest thing to walk … err…dance this earth. And she didn’t mean his dancing skills. I more or less think his dancing is his strong suit…leave the hotness to Marlon Brando.

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