Classic Film Femme

Disney’s Filly

“Do you think I did not know her,

Ragged and gnarled and stooped like a wind-bent tree,

Her basket full of combs and pins and laces?

Of course I took her poisoned gifts. I wanted

To feel her hands combing out my hair,

To let her lace me up, to take an apple

From her hand, a smile from her lips,

As when I was a child.”

Delia Sherman ~Snow White to the Prince~

Watching this classic again was like going back to my childhood but this time I noticed that the “happily every after” is, after all, a reference to the afterlife.

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3 thoughts on “Disney’s Filly

  1. apriloverall on said:

    Blonde moment! After life? What??? I thought Snow White was just a story about a girl with a bad haircut and a terribly high voice. It means more!???? Details please.

  2. thirdwavefeminist on said:

    It truly is a terribly grating voice … and what about those hand claps? Too many hand claps for that woman!
    So. Turns out, Prince Charming was often a symbol for the Christ figure or “prince of peace” – waking women from their “sleeping death” with a kiss so that they can “live happily ever after” so to speak.
    Watch it again! You’ll notice that the castle at the end of the film appears in the heavens.

  3. apriloverall on said:

    OMG! Are you suggesting that Christ was a hoochie, going around kissing all the girls? A smoochie hoochie? Lol.

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